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SDI offers occupational health & safety training, HWSETA & TETA accredited, forklift, crane, reach licence etc onsite medicals & clinics, hygiene surveys.


We believe in excellence of service and continuous improvement of systems and processes. We are determined that SDI will create a quality driven, environmentally friendly and safe workplace as a culture for any South African business. And it begins with managing your people. 


Services with which We Can Help You

  • Risk Assessments
  • Hygiene Surveys
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Safety Assessments
  • Quality Systems Management
Risk Assessments

Traditional Occupational Health and Safety systems and Medical Surveillance programmes are mainly geared towards identifying risks and the occurrence of occupational injury and disease.



Hygiene Surveys

Occupational Hygiene Surveys are systematic, critical analyses of the quality of occupational hygiene systems and practices. 

Medical Surveillance

A Medical Surveillance Assessment provides the relevant information needed in order to compile a Medical Surveillance Plan. 

Safety Assessments

A Medical Surveillance Assessment provides the relevant information needed in order to compile a Medical Surveillance Plan. 

Quality Systems Management

Our team of quality systems management consultants can assist you with Quality Systems Management. 


The determination of the success of the implementation and ongoing monitoring of any occupational health and safety programme, no matter how big or small the initiative, is directly dependant on the tracking all human resources and where they fit into the company structure.


Ambusave Academy and Malamba Forklift Training are wholly owned subsidiaries of SHEQ Development Institute that provide quality OHS and related training. The company and range of training courses are accredited with the HWSeta, TETA, HPCSA, Resuscitation Council of South Africa, American Heart Foundation, SAIOSH and ECSI.


Effective Fire Safety Assessments and Management will provide your team with the tools to identify all the potential fire hazards, design the appropriate safety solutions and monitor your progress and compliance.

EMS & COID/WCA Management services

COID Management Services 

Complete management of all COID incidences and cases, from occurrence to finalisation.



In the case of medical emergencies occurring on the company’s premises, full EMS response on a 24/7 basis can be provided by the SAPAESA network of private ambulance and rapid response vehicles. 


Are you aware of your Carbon Footprint? Letour environmental safety specialists assist you all the way.

About SDI Group

A world of experience here for you 

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you can get the training you need wherever you are and whenever you can.


Whether you’re on coffee shop WiFi or mobile data, we’ve got you covered. 

If certification calls for in person training or training on your premises, you’re in good hands.


Our modern facilities and friendly trainers will have you feeling right at home and ready for action.

Our mission

Make training a breeze

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

We make no secret about our efforts to keep our training as simple and focused as possible while giving you exactly what you need to succeed.


Our unique training is geared towards being engaging and practical. This makes it much easier to remain engaged while maximising retention.


Progress at your pace.


Slow down if you feel like it or speed ahead if it all makes sense.


Your training the way you like it. 

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Let’s not get technical! Get the training you need without frying your brain. Get access to extraordinary experts to become an extraordinary expert.

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