The determination of the success of the implementation and on-going monitoring of any occupational health and safety programme, no matter how big or small the initiative, is directly dependant on the tracking all human resources and where they fit into the company structure.

From recruitment of the correct candidate for the job that fulfills all the Job Man Spec criteria of the position, to the on-going training of all staff in terms of health and safety to the exit interview and exit medical evaluation and finally to the keeping of records of that employee while at the company, AND everything in between, a good relationship between OHS and the Human Resources department is crucial.

SHEQ Development Institute has extensive experience in this vast area of expertise, covering various elements such as;

Labour Law compliance

Disciplinary management

Absenteeism Management

Creation and maintenance of policies and procedures

Creation and maintenance of job descriptions that detail job man spec elements

COID Management and Administration

Employee Wellness Programmes

Medical Surveillance of all staff