Occupational Hygiene Surveys are systematic, critical analyses of the quality of occupational hygiene systems and practices.

Occupational Hygiene Audits and on-going monitoring will highlight the gaps between the practices being followed and the standards laid down or expected. Possible actions rectify these shortcomings will be recommended and proposed in consultation and communication with the company.

Work areas are surveyed in accordance with the requirements of S.A.N.S. 10083 of 2004 for Noise and the Noise Induced Hearing Loss Regulations, OHS Act (No 85 of 1993).

Artificial Illumination Surveys in accordance with S.A.N.S. 10114 and the Environmental Regulations for Workplaces, OHS Act (No 5 of 1993) R2281:1987 will identify non-compliance with lux requirements.

Ventilation is surveyed in accordance with requirements found in the General Safety Regulations and Environmental Regulations for workplaces.

Fumes are measured during the process in which fumes are emitted. Samples are sent to a SANAS accredited laboratory for analysis.

A comprehensive report detailing all results is compiled for the company to use in order to compile risk-based specific programmes to mitigate the risks identified.