A Medical Surveillance Assessment provides the relevant information needed in order to compile a Medical Surveillance Plan. This plan ensures that relevant assessments are conducted on all employees in order to determine whether the employee is fit for and suited to work in the specific job they have been appointed to do. In this way, we ensure the creation and implementation of an appropriate risk-based medical surveillance plan that is both efficient and cost-effective, managing employee health and mitigating company risk.

Our service offering ranges from doing ad-hoc medicals on a few select employees at our own clinic or on the client’s premises to provide a mobile clinic to do many medicals at the client’s premises, to running a full-service on-site clinic on behalf of the client.

We also run Employee Wellness Programmes in order to align early detection of occupational disease with an assessment of the employee’s general health and wellness. In this manner, the health status of a working population can be progressively improved in a measurable and demonstrable way, which improves productivity and hence, the financial bottom-line.