Traditional Occupational Health and Safety systems and Medical Surveillance programmes are mainly geared towards identifying risks and the occurrence of occupational injury and disease.

We at SHEQ Development Institute believe that too little attention is given to the holistic approach that begins with occupational risk assessments and hygiene syrveys and then moves towards the implementation of the required changes and programmes designed to minimise future adverse occupational health and safety risks.

This approach is based on the principles of risk and ensures that any programme design is along the lines of ‘risk-based’ theory, thereby deploying financial, human and facility resources appropriately, efficiently and effectively.

Our processes and services include but are not limited to;

Workplace Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Legal Compliance Audits

Hygiene Surveys

Hazardous Chemical Substance Risk Assessments

Medical Surveillance Planning and Programme Implementation

Human Resources Integration

COID Management

EMS and Event Management

Safety Management

Fire Safety Management

Environmental Safety Management

Quality Systems Design, Implementation and Management


So EVERYTHING that is required in terms of Occupational Health and Safety, all starts with the RISK ASSESSMENT.